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André Dahmer

1974 —

Damn degenerate art, 2018
Damn degenerate art,
link and ecoline<br /> 15,5x21,5cm
An artist must suffer, 2020
An artist must suffer,
acrylic on canvas<br /> 90x90cm
Diego and Frida, 2019
Diego and Frida,
ink and ecoline<br /> 27x29,5cm
The skin is a clothing, 2020
The skin is a clothing,
paint on fabric<br /> 59x84cm
Pain, 2019
ink and ecoline 15x20cm
Car rains, 2017
Car rains,
link and ecoline 30x42cm
Intellectuals orgy, 2017
Intellectuals orgy,
inc and ecoline 20x14cm

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