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Miguel Rio Branco

1946 —

Amaú, 1983-2016
Photography, 270x120cm
Old gloves, 1992
Old gloves,
photography, 160x80cm
Díptico da Samurai, 2008 - 2017
Díptico da Samurai,
photography, 200x100cm
Tubarões, 2015
photography, 240x160cm
Três azuis madrilenhos, 1993 - 2017
Três azuis madrilenhos,
photography, 240x80cm
Lunatic, 2016
photography, 180x180cm
L'étude, 1992-2017
photography, 200x150cm
La bodeguita, 1994
La bodeguita,
photography, 200x100cm
Red opens in blue, 1985-2006
Red opens in blue,
photography, 90x60cm
Diamond Mirror Pink and Black, 1988-2013
Diamond Mirror Pink and Black,
photography, 90x60cm
Apple lioness, 2011
Apple lioness,
photography, 80x160cm
Geisha, 2014
photography, 360x120cm
Blue Ring Kids, 1992
Blue Ring Kids,
photography, 200x150cm
Through the golden eye, 2018
Through the golden eye,
Photography 94,48x94,48 inches
Blue-green and Blue-gray, 1994
Blue-green and Blue-gray,
Photography, 200x100cm

He has received several awards, including the Prix de la Critique Kodak Photographique (1982), Rockefeller Foundation (1993); Bolsa Vitae Arts / Photography (1993), the National Photography Prize, Funarte (1995), and Prix du Livre Photo , Arles, France (1997) and more recently, the Award of Photography Porto Seguro, Brazil (2009).

Miguel Rio Branco won in 2010, a pavilion in the contemporary art center, Inhotim (MG), a space that the artist believes that is the most exciting proposed communion between art and nature.

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